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Harnessing emotions to sell real estate

January 10, 2017

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The hidden value of hiring a copywriter


Working with a copywriter could be the best decision you make, and the benefits might surprise you. 


Everyone can write. That’s an assertion I’ve heard a thousand times from a thousand people. And it’s true, in part.


Yes, you can write. There’s no doubt that you are more than capable of putting a sentence together. You can use a thesaurus. You can run a spell check.


But all writers are not created equal. Real estate agents and realtors who write their own listings are often turning their backs on a long list of opportunities that a professional copywriter can deliver.

From the simple act of prioritising your time, to using your listings to build real value in the property you’re selling, working with a professional copywriter can help you become a best-practice operator.

Here’s how a professional copywriter can help you:


Save time

We’re all being asked to do more with less. This is simply a reality of the modern business environment, and finding new ways to boost our personal productivity is now at the top of the priority list. However, working smarter doesn’t necessarily mean working harder.


Conducting regular personal work audits is the best way to understand what you’re spending time on, and where your time can be better prioritised.


Write down all your daily tasks and rank them in order of value. Over the next month, record the number of hours you dedicate to each task and evaluate your findings. Are you spending the highest number of hours on the high-value tasks, or are low-value tasks focussing your time and attention on the bottom of your list?


If so, look for opportunities to outsource low-value tasks to free up more time to assign to your highest priorities. Outsourcing your property listings to a professional copywriter is an excellent place to start. Time spent staring at a flashing cursor and running spell checks can be better utilised chasing down leads and providing better service to vendors.


Get it right

In a highly competitive industry, you can’t afford to be seen as a sub-standard operator. Your property listings are on display online, in print and even in your shopfront display, so any mistakes you make will be amplified across mediums and broadcast directly to your market.


And it’s easy to make mistakes. The phone won’t stop ringing. The newspaper deadline is looming. The vendor wanted the listing online yesterday. It’s enough to make an English professor drop their bundle.

Outsourcing your property listings to a professional copywriter will help keep embarrassing mistakes out of your listings and show the market that you are a serious operator they can trust with their most valuable asset.


Build value

Too many agents throw away the opportunity to create value with their property listings. Publishing a bare bones list of property features might save you time, but it fails to create an emotional connection with the buyer.


A professional copywriter can help you create a narrative that speaks to the lifestyle aspirations of your target market and brings together the property photography, floor plan and video footage to create a vision that is worth more than the sum of the property’s parts.


The most successful companies in the world – brands like Nike and Apple – sell more than just a product. They sell a vision. They sell lifestyle aspirations that make an emotional connection with their buyers beyond the nuts-and-bolts value of the product.


Imagine an Apple advertisement that simply lists the bullet point product features of a new iPhone model. They’d never do it. And neither should you.


Sell yourself

Personal branding has become something of a buzz word of late, however it remains vitally important in people-facing sales roles.


Consistency is the key to expressing a strong personal brand. It’s reflected in everything from your website to the way you communicate. It’s in the way you present yourself; in the way you answer the phone; in the way you conduct open houses.


Your personal brand is expressed in everything you do – and that includes your property listings. Every listing you present to the market should be of consistent quality and back up the personal image you’ve worked so hard to create.


After all, do you cut your own hair? Do you sew your own suits? Of course not. You’d look ridiculous. So why are you writing your own listings?


Conquer social media

Social media platforms like Twitter are the digital equivalent of a large room where everyone is talking and nobody is listening. Agents who simply tweet their latest listing are standing in a corner talking to themselves.


To be heard on social media, you must generate original content that speaks louder than the crowd. And that’s where a professional copywriter comes in. They can create custom blog articles, ebooks and whitepapers that cut through the noise and give you original content worth tweeting about.


Talk to a copywriter about creating content that drives people to your blog or website – content that builds your profile as a thought-leader, not just one more follower in a crowded room.

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