Think about the last major purchase you made. How did you make it? Chances are, you didn’t just use cold, hard logic to make your decision. Your emotions were probably hard at work behind the scenes, giving you a ‘gut feel’ about the choices in front of you.

Emotions ar...

What do Australian families look for in today’s property market?

While the traditional Aussie dream of a freestanding house with a pool may still be popular, changing lifestyles and housing affordability has broadened the concept of a family home. For real estate agents...

Being culturally aware is fast becoming a key factor to successfully selling real estate in Australia.

A quick snapshot of Australia’s population shows how diverse we’ve become. Last year just over 28 per cent of Australia’s population was born overseas – a relatively l...

A new property investor shares her house hunting experience, and what she wants from real estate agents. 

Last weekend, my husband and I traded in our usual sleep in for a morning of intense house hunting.

This isn’t an unusual way for a couple in their thirties to spend...

Social media is impossible to ignore if you’re in real estate: an industry that relies on making connections with people.


According to a recent report from Sensis, just under 70 per cent of Australians are connecting on social media, with Facebook users alone spending...


We’ve known for a while now that women – as breadwinners, family organisers, decision-makers and consumers – are a force to be reckoned with.


Greater financial independence and higher levels of workforce participation means women are now making many of the major purch...


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Nespresso, Louis Vuitton and Nike all make a connection beyond the products they sell.


Nespresso doesn’t just sell coffee.


In the brand’s ad campaign, George Clooney sips the product on the terrace of a palatial European villa.




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In the language of real estate sales, the word ‘potential’ is too often used as a smoke screen for a property that’s past its prime.


Property listings tend to trumpet the “potential” of dysfunctional kitchens, dila...


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Without an entire marketing team at your disposal, maintaining a blog can be an exhaustive task, and coming up with the constant flow of content needed to feed it it can be a creative drain.


However, varying your article formats...


Working with a copywriter could be the best decision you make, and the benefits might surprise you. 


Everyone can write. That’s an assertion I’ve heard a thousand times from a thousand people. And it’s true, in part.


Yes, you can write. There’s no doubt that you are m...

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